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The Prince & Prince (P&P) U.S. Retail Florist Tracking Survey

"Florist Seminar on Flash" Order Form (2011 Edition)  

 Mail this completed form with your check or money order to Prince & Prince. 

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___ Please rush me the updated Prince & Prince (P&P) U.S. Retail Florist Tracking Survey on Flash Drive (2011 Edition).   I understand that this new product contains over 1,000 slides of market information in a "Slide Show" pdf format on a password-protected Flash Drive,  and is currently priced at $495, which includes shipping, handling and any applicable taxes.   I have enclosed a check or money order in the amount of $495 for the Flash Drive  (Please make check/ money order payable in US dollars to Prince & Prince, Inc.). 

___ Please contact me for more information about the P&P U.S. Retail Florist Tracking Survey, presented as an on-site seminar at my location.   I understand that P&P seminar fees vary depending on the size of the seminar venue (length of seminar, e.g. full-day or half-day presentation), or if the seminar is made to multiple groups at one location.   Please let me know the seminar options and costs  (If you first purchase the Flash,  and then later decide to have the on-site seminar,  P&P applies your Flash purchase to REDUCE your on-site seminar fees).

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Flash Drives shipped via US Priority Mail (overnight shipping is additional).

Price includes any applicable tax. 



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