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PRESS RELEASE  -  1-10-14 

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (January 10, 2014) For members of the floral industry and allied trade, Prince & Prince (P&P), a leader in floral market research, announces an updated seminar: The P&P U.S. Consumer Floral Tracking Survey, 2014 Edition.  This educational and thought-provoking seminar reveals where the U.S. floral industry has been, where it is now, and where it is likely headed.   The recently updated on-site seminar has two presentation options: 1) a complete, one-day, on-site seminar presentation, and 2) a half-day, “Highlights Only” on-site seminar presentation.   Both on-site presentation options include the complete seminar on CD for future reference.

The P&P consumer floral seminar is based on the recently updated P&P U.S. Consumer Floral Tracking Survey (conducted in the Late Summer/ Fall of 2013), and prior P&P tracking surveys conducted over the past decade.   The seminar reveals trends in over 100 metrics related to consumer fresh cut-flower and indoor potted plant purchasing for the survey years of 2007 (prior to the U.S. recession), to 2010 (after the U.S. recession), and to 2013 (market recovery period).   For the latest survey, P&P has obtained completed surveys from over 900 randomly-selected floral-buying households throughout the U.S.   The P&P survey sample is a large probability-based random sample (the “gold standard” in market research) of U.S. floral-buying households, not a panel of “professional survey-takers”, nor a ”convenience web poll”, thus the P&P tracking survey provides reliable estimates of the U.S. floral market for decision-making.   For the 2014 survey update, the selected respondents had the option of completing the mailed survey form, or completing the survey on-line at a P&P web link.   

The P&P survey profiles numerous demographics of the U.S. floral buyer (U.S. region, age, income, education level, urbanization, and composition of the floral-buying household) revealing how the composition of the U.S. floral market has changed over time.   The survey also tracks consumer fresh cut-flower and indoor potted plant spending levels, specific cut-flower and potted plant products purchased (tracks over 12 floral-product categories), and identifies the major holidays, events and occasions (HEO’s) of floral purchase (24 HEO’s tracked), thus revealing the structural change in floral demand across the decade.   Additionally, the P&P survey tracks over time a comprehensive evaluation of the top 8 floral channels used by consumers (over 30 attributes tracked for each channel over time), revealing the floral channels that are gaining strength and floral market share (and the reasons why), and the channels that are showing weaknesses and declining floral share.   P&P also develops response models from the consumer floral database to identify the key consumer priorities driving floral purchasing and consumer satisfaction with the floral offerings at the various floral channels, currently, and consumer priority trends across the past decade, and since the 2008 recession.   These model findings reveal trends in consumers’ behavioral motivations toward floral purchasing, and shows where members of the floral industry must now focus to increase consumer satisfaction and floral sales.  For 2014, the P&P consumer floral survey also profiles the social media habits of floral-buying households (e.g. frequency of using Facebook, Twitter, etc.).   Additionally, the survey profiles the level of on-line floral purchases that are made on a mobile device.    More details about the P&P U.S. Consumer Floral Tracking Survey are at the P&P web site: http://www.floralmarketresearch.com/details.htm

The P&P consumer floral research is useful for companies involved in strategic planning, retail competitive analysis, distribution-channel strategy,  consumer-market segmentation, and floral demand forecasting.  The P&P consumer research is also useful for companies concerned about how best to "weather" the current economic climate in the U.S., and how best to identify and exploit the market opportunities that are currently unfolding in the U.S. floral industry.

P&P’s on-site seminar fees vary depending upon the size of the seminar audience and the length of the seminar (full day, or half day presentation), or if the seminar is provided to multiple groups at one location.  Please contact P&P for information about seminar availability, seminar options, on-site seminar fees, and scheduling.

For the 2014 update, Smithers-Oasis, N.A. (S-O) was the key sponsor for the P&P consumer floral tracking survey, and S-O requests attendance at P&P seminar presentations given throughout the 2014 season.   Since 1996, P&P and its research co-sponsors have invested over $250,000 collectively in developing the P&P consumer floral tracking database, the core of P&P’s on-site consumer floral seminar and CD offerings.

About Prince & Prince.    Drs. Tom and Tim Prince, formerly of The Ohio State University, are brothers and co-founders of Prince & Prince, Inc. (P&P), a leading marketing research specialist in the floral and green plant industries.    P&P has completed more than 50 major marketing research projects and countless reports for the floral industry in the U.S., and has also conducted research in Canada, the United Kingdom, Holland, Germany, and Spain.   P&P conceptualize, design, and implement market research projects and product tests for floral and green-plant suppliers, hardgood suppliers, floral importers, wholesale florists, retail florists, floral-industry associations, and companies serving the allied floral trade.    For more information about P&P marketing research and services, and their informative on-site seminars, visit their web site at www.FloralMarketResearch.com, or contact Prince & Prince.


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