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COLUMBUS, Ohio (December 4, 2012) – Prince & Prince (P&P), a leader in floral market research, makes available the updated P&P U.S. Retail Florist Tracking Survey (2011 Edition). This P&P survey tracks numerous florist sales categories & financials, business operations, buying practices, marketing tactics, product mix, and service mix trends from 2003 to 2005 (prior to the U.S. recession), and to 2010 (after the recession).  The research also shows florist demand trends for over 60 cut-flower species, 20 potted plant species, and 30 gift-shop items, as well as trends for the "heavy user" florist segments.  The survey was conducted in the Spring of 2011, collectively tracking over 200 metrics related to the florist business & operations.

The P&P market research clearly reveals where the U.S. florist industry has been, where it is now, and where it is headed.   The market information is useful for company marketing & sales teams, allowing them to better capitalize on the opportunities & trends that are unfolding in the retail florist market.   The information is also useful for floral executives involved in strategic planning, as the survey reveals the changing market environment in which decisions are made.

For the 2011 P&P survey, a large sample of nearly 900 randomly-selected florist shops throughout the U.S. participated in the survey, providing valuable insight as to how the florist industry has changed, and revealing florists' prospects for the future.   The 2005 and 2003 studies also comprised large samples (over 1,000 florists each), which collectively provides highly reliable trend information for the industry.  All trends across the study years, and trends across florist characteristics are qualified by statistical tests, revealing the meaningful trends that are true (and not due to chance).  The survey metrics are segmented by ten U.S. regions, five florist annual sales groups, five shop urbanization groups, and five age-of-shop owner groups, and each segmentation group is tracked over time, revealing the trends for each group.

Prince & Prince makes this market information available to the floral and related industries with two presentation options: 1) an on-site seminar presentation, and 2) the complete research presentation on CD, the “Seminar on CD” only option (1,000+ slides of market information, but no on-site presentation).  The on-site seminar also includes the complete presentation on CD.

P&P’s on-site seminar fees vary depending upon the length of the seminar (e.g. full-day, complete seminar, or half-day, “Highlights Only” presentation; please contact P&P for on-site seminar fees).  P&P clients have found these on-site presentations with discussion especially useful in dispelling "myths" about the market, in identifying emerging trends, and in empowering managers to effect change within the organization.   Companies interested in the on-site seminar can contact P&P at 614-299-4050, or e-mail P&P at FloralMktResearch@att.net


The P&P "Florist Seminar on CD" contains the same information as the on-site seminar (over 1,000 slides of florist market information in a password-protected pdf format; 16 pdf files), but little of P&P commentary, discussion, and Q & A session that occurs in the on-site seminar.  The P&P "Florist Seminar on CD" is priced at $795.   More details about the seminar content and CD Order Form are at the P&P web site: http://www.floralmarketresearch.com/florists_2010.htm 



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