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PRESS RELEASE  -  12-07-15

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Prince & Prince (P&P) Surveys U.S. Wholesale Florists , and Tracks Over 200 Operational, Marketing, Sourcing, and Business Metrics of the Wholesale Florist Sector

Columbus, Ohio (December 7, 2015).    Prince & Prince, Inc. (P&P), a leader in market research focused on the floral and green plant industries, has recently initiated a tracking survey of wholesale florist businesses throughout the U.S.   The tracking survey entitled, “Profiling U.S. Wholesale Florist Operational Practices”, largely updates and expands upon a 2009 operational survey of U.S. wholesale florists conducted by P&P for the benefit of WF&FSA (Wholesale Florist and Florist Supplier Association).   This comprehensive survey collects over 200 metrics related to wholesale florist product mix, hardgoods/ supplies mix, cut-flower mix, cut-flower sourcing, in-bound transportation and out-bound floral deliveries, cut-flower care and handling practices, modes of ordering floral, credit practices, marketing tactics and advertising allocations, customer mix, labor/ staffing, and business financial performance.  The survey not only captures current operational metrics, and historical comparisons with 2009 survey findings, but for many metrics, the survey also obtains wholesalers’ future directional projections for the metrics (increase, decrease, or no change).    Thus, past historical trends and future projections are clearly identified through the P&P market research, identifying where the U.S. wholesale florist industry has been, and where it is now, and where it is likely headed.   The market research also provides wholesale florists with numerous and valuable benchmark metrics for individual firm comparison.

Collection of wholesale florist survey data will likely continue into early 2016.  Survey findings will likely be available from P&P much later in 2016.  For more information about the U.S. wholesale florist operational research, please contact Prince & Prince.

Market research offerings currently available from Prince & Prince include the 2014 P&P U.S. Consumer Floral Tracking Survey, a large comprehensive survey of U.S. floral-buying households.   This research reveals the type of consumer who buys floral products, what they buy, where they buy, when they buy, why they buy, and how much they spend on fresh cut-flowers and indoor potted plants, and shows the changes in household floral purchasing from 2007, to 2010, and thru the end of 2013.    Consumer floral metrics tracked before and after the U.S. recession, revealing the recession’s impact on the U.S. floral market, and the direction of the recovery in consumer floral purchasing.   Survey findings profiled for five key regions of the U.S., and by key consumer demographics (age, income, education, household composition, etc.), identifying the key consumer segments leading the floral-purchasing trends.   For information on purchasing this consumer floral research, contact P&P, or  visit the P&P web site at www.FloralMarketResearch.com



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