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PRESS RELEASE   -  6-04-15

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Prince & Prince to Present Selected Highlights of Their

Consumer Floral Research at Cultivate 15


Columbus, Ohio (June 4, 2015). Prince & Prince, Inc. (P&P), a leader in market research focused on the floral and green plant industries, will be releasing selected highlights of their consumer floral research at Cultivate 15, An AmericanHort Experience (Greater Columbus Convention Center) on Sunday, July 12th at 2:45 pm. In the presentation, "Six Key Factors Driving Your Customers to Buy", P&P will highlight six key performances of floral businesses that most drive customer satisfaction and floral purchasing at a floral business. P&P has focused this presentation on research findings specific to the greater Midwest region of the U.S. In addition, P&P will provide an overview of the current size and scope of the overall U.S. cut-flower market, with current and historical trends on the demographic composition of the U.S. floral market, as well as recent "shifts" in consumer cut-flower purchasing at the major floral channels (e.g. florist shops, supermarkets, Internet, super-discounters, wholesale clubs, home centers, gardens centers, and farmers markets).

Prince & Prince has been tracking U.S. consumer floral purchasing behavior over the past two decades with their periodic surveys of floral-buying households randomly-selected throughout the U.S. (over 6,000 surveys completed since 1996). Thus, P&P is able to identify salient floral-purchasing trends over time for the industry. For more information, contact Prince & Prince, or visit their web site at www.FloralMarketResearch.com


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