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a 2010 update of the P&P US Consumer Floral Tracking Survey has recently been launched!

With financial support from Smithers-Oasis, North America, Prince & Prince is pleased to announce that they have recently distributed their floral tracking survey to thousands of randomly-selected households in the US.  The P&P US Consumer Floral Tracking Survey will remain in the field thru the Fall of 2010.   P&P's goal is to obtain responses from at least 1,000 randomly-selected floral-buying households throughout the US.   The consumer survey tracks US household floral-purchasing behavior, and the survey findings answer some key questions: who buys?  .  .  .  what do they buy?  .   .   . where do they buy? .  .  . for what holidays, events, and occasions do they purchase? .  .  .  and what are the key consumer behavioral motivations that drive purchasing at the various floral outlets in the US.  The P&P tracking surveys not only assess consumer floral-purchasing behaviors, and show where the consumers' "floral dollars" are going (products & outlets), but the surveys also assess the "floral shares" and performance of the various floral outlets where consumers purchase, with a 30-attribute floral-outlet evaluation made by each floral buyer surveyed (survey respondents rate the product offerings, services, and image of up to 3 outlets where they purchase floral products).  

The 2010 survey is the fifth major national consumer floral tracking survey conducted by P&P, with prior P&P consumer surveys (each with over 1,000 household respondents) conducted in 1996, 1998, 2000, and 2007.   The tracking of US floral households over time identifies key changes in US floral consumers, key changes in their floral-purchasing behaviors & motivations for purchasing, and key changes in the perceived performance of the various outlets that market fresh floral products in the US.   In essence, the P&P US Consumer Floral Tracking Survey identifies the key dynamics of the US consumer floral market, and it provides reasoned understanding for the major changes that are occurring.   More details about the survey metrics captured in prior P&P US Consumer Floral Tracking Surveys can be found HERE.

New for 2010!  - -  P&P Assesses the "New Entrant" to Floral Purchasing!

With each new consumer survey update, P&P reviews the content of its prior tracking surveys, and attempts to make improvements in the survey, improvements that may provide new and valuable market information to the floral industry at large.  For the 2010 update, P&P added a new question to the survey that assesses whether the survey respondent had recently started buying fresh floral product (within the past two years), or if the survey respondent had been buying floral product over several or many years (top category is "More than 20 years").  With this survey information and P&P's data-mining technologies, P&P will fully profile the "recent new entrant" to floral purchasing.  If this analysis is deemed to yield valuable information, P&P will retain this specific survey question for future P&P consumer floral tracking surveys, and thus, in the future, P&P will be able to assess how the "new entrant" to floral purchasing is changing over time.

Schedule of Information Release of the Updated P&P US Consumer Floral Tracking Survey

Smithers-Oasis N.A. is the key survey sponsor for the 2010 P&P US Consumer Floral Tracking Survey update.  As such, Smithers-Oasis, N.A. obtains exclusive rights to the survey information throughout the 2011 season.  However, during the latter half of the "data embargo period" in the Winter /Spring of 2012, P&P will be conducting exclusive on-site seminars of the consumer research with interested companies in the floral industry, and with the expressed approval of Smithers-Oasis, N.A.   Companies interested in a "first look" of the updated P&P consumer floral research with an on-site seminar this Winter/ Spring 2012 should contact P&P for details and scheduling (seminar approval from Smithers-Oasis is a requirement during the data embargo period).  

Later in the Summer of 2012, P&P regains rights to the consumer floral research, and will continue to disseminate the consumer floral market information to the broader floral industry and related industries, initially thru on-site seminars, and later via a "Seminar on CD" distribution.  Details of the CD distribution of the P&P consumer floral research will be forthcoming on the P&P web site in 2011.

Any questions or comments about the P&P US Consumer Floral Tracking Survey should be directed to P&P.

Prince & Prince, Inc.  PO Box 2465,  Columbus, OH  43216-2465 

phone: 614-299-4050;   E-mail: FloralMktResearch@att.net


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