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Floral Industry Seminar on Flash Drive!


Presented as a "Slide Show" on a Password-Protected Flash Drive.  The Flash contains all of the survey information presented in the P&P on-site seminars, but little of P&P's analysis and discussion that occurs with the on-site seminar.

The P&P U.S. Consumer Floral Tracking Survey

Now on Flash Drive! 

The "Seminar on Flash" contains ALL of the survey market information presented in our on-site seminars  (but little of insightful P&P analysis, commentary, and discussion that occurs with the on-site presentations).  All seminars are in "slide show" copy-protected pdf formats.

The Prince & Prince U.S. Consumer Floral Tracking Survey on Flash Drive, contains over 800 slides of consumer floral market information, and tracks consumer floral purchasing, and provides a comprehensive consumer evaluation of the top ten floral channels from 2007 (before the U.S. recession),  to the end of 2010 (after the U.S. recession), and to the end of 2013 (recovery period).   This "Seminar on Flash" is currently priced at $995, which includes U.S. Priority Mail fees for the Flash Drive shipment.  See the "Flash Drive Order Form" link below.    Click HERE for Consumer Seminar Topics

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