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(prior to founding Prince & Prince, Inc.)
Prince & Prince, Inc.
P.O. Box 2465
Columbus, OH 43216-2465
phone: 614-299-4050
B.S. with Distinction in Horticulture, The Ohio State University, 1977
M.S. in Horticulture, Michigan State University, 1980
Ph.D. in Horticulture, Michigan State University, 1983
Professional Experience
1990 - present
Vice-President, Prince & Prince, Inc. Conducts market testing and customized
surveys of horticultural products & services at the production, wholesaling, retailing,
and consumer levels of the floral distribution channels. Product handling & marketing
consultant to the floral industries.
1983 - 1990
Faculty Member, Department of Horticulture, The Ohio State University. Research
on postharvest handling, packaging, storage, and shipment of floral crops.
1977 - 1983
Graduate Research Associate, Michigan State University. Development and testing
of a modified atmosphere packaging system for consumer marketing of precooled
tulip bulbs.
1976 - 1977 (summers)
Rose grower, Endres Floral Co., New Philadelphia, OH, Rose production
and marketing practices.
Teaching Experience
Horticulture 509, Postharvest Physiology-Horticultural Crops, 1983-1990.
Horticulture 815, Graduate Level Postharvest Physiology, 1985 & 1987.
Horticulture 430, Interior Plantscaping, 1988-1989.
Horticulture 595, Trends in Horticulture, 1988-1989.
Selected Academic Publications
Prince, T.A., R.C. Herner, and J. Lee. 1986. Bulb organ changes and influence of
temperature fluctuations on gaseous levels in a modified atmosphere package of
precoolled tulip bulbs. J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 111(6):900-904.
Prince, T.A. and M.S. Cunningham. 1986. Response of tubers of Begonia x
tuberhybrida to chilling temperatures, ethylene, and low oxygen storage.
HortScience 22(2): 252-254.
Prince, T.A., M.S. Cunningham, and J.S. Peary, 1987. Floral and foliar quality
of potted Easter Lilies after STS or phenidone application, refrigerated storage,
and simulated boxed shipment. J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 112(3):469-473.
Prince, T.A. and M.S. Cunningham. 1988. Leaf abscission of poinsettias affected
by preharvest fertilization termination and sleeving stress. HortSci. 23:1038-1039.
Prince, T.A. 1989. Modified atmosphere packaging of horticultural commodities. In:
Controlled Atmosphere Packaging. A.E. Brody (ed), Food and Nutrition Press
Peary, J.S. and T.A. Prince. 1989. Cut flower vaselife is little-affected by lipoxygenase
inhibitors. HortScience 24:808-809.
Prince, T.A. and M.S. Cunningham. 1989. Production and storage factors influencing
quality of potted Easter Lilies. HortScience 24(6):992-994.
Prince, T.A. and M.S. Cunningham. 1989. Response of Easter lily bulbs to peat
moisture content and to the use of peat or of polyethylene lined cases during handling
and vernalization. J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 115(1):68-72
Peary, J.S. and T.A. Prince. 1989. Floral lipoxygenase: Activity during senescence
and inhibition by phenidone. J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 115(3):445-457.
Tingley, D.R. and T.A. Prince. 1990. Ethylene production and influence of STS on
ethylene sensitivity of cut evergreens. HortScience 25(8):944-946.
Honors and Awards
Paul Ecke Award, Intercollegiate Floral Judging, 1977 National Champions, West
Lafayette, IN.
National Intercollegiate Flower Judging Team - OSU Faculty Coach, 1984-1989
First Place Team Award (17 teams total)
First Place Individual Overall
Second Place Team Award (15 total teams)
First Place Individual- Fresh Cut Flowers
Third Place Team Award (19 total teams)
First Place Team Award (15 total teams)
First Place Individual - Overall
First Place Team Award (16 total teams)
First Place Individual - Cut Flowers
Pi Alpha Xi - member and faculty advisor
Selected Conference Presentations
Care and Handling of Fresh Flowers. FTD District 4-I Meeting, Cincinnati, OH,
March 14, 1984.
Interiorscapers Fresh Flower Opportunities and Cut Flower Handling Techniques.
Ohio Florists Short Course, Columbus, OH, June 9, 1984
Poinsettia Postproduction-Care & Handling. OSU Poinsettia School, Columbus, OH,
Nov. 5, 1985.
New Realities for Planning Your Postproduction Practices - Ohio Florists Short
Course, Columbus, OH, July 15, 1986
What's New in Cut Flower Handling - FTD District 4-H Meeting, Newark, OH,
April 10, 1986.
Geranium Postproduction Handling - Zonal Geranium School, Warren, OH,
Nov. 18, 1988.
Retail Florist Industry Growth in a Changing Economy - T.L. Prince co-presenter,
Central Ohio Regional FTD Meeting, Columbus, OH, Apr. 29, 1993
Mass-Market Floral Buying and Sourcing Practices - A North American Survey.
T.L. Prince, co-presenter, 1995 International Floral Short Course, Cincinnati, OH,
July 11, 1995.

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