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(prior to founding Prince & Prince, Inc.)
Prince & Prince, Inc.
P.O. Box 2465
Columbus, OH 43216-2465
phone: 614-264-0939 (mobile)
Dover High School, Valedictorian, Dover, Ohio, 1976.
B.S. with Distinction in Horticulture, The Ohio State University, 1980.
M.S. in Horticultural Marketing, The Ohio State University, 1984.
Ph.D. Dual program in Marketing & Horticulture, The Ohio State University, 1989.
Professional Experience
President, Prince & Prince, Inc. Conducts market tests and customized surveys of
horticultural products & services at the production, wholesaling, retailing, and
consumer levels of the floral distribution channels.  Marketing & economic consultant
to the floral and green plant industries.
1989 - 1990
Post-Doctoral Fellow, The Ohio State University. Global trends in fresh cut-flower

production, distribution, and consumption.   Statistical analysis of research data for

publications within the Department of Horticulture.

1985 - 1988
Graduate Research Associate, The Ohio State University. Market survey planning,
implementation, and analysis; Floral marketing research on customer service, floral
distribution and logistics; Greenhouse production management and computer software
development; Systems analysis and computer modeling.
1984 - 1985
Research Associate on the Greenhouse Operations Management Project, The Ohio
State University. Greenhouse operations and management research of the flowering
plant industry.
1980 - 1984
Graduate Research Associate, The Ohio State University. Cut-flower distribution
research; Consumer preference studies of floral products; Market studies of the
floral industry.
1976 - 1980 (summers)
Rose grower, Endres Floral Co., New Philadelphia, OH,  Rose production and
marketing practices.
Teaching Experience
Horticulture 525, Horticulture Marketing and Management, 1984.
Teaching Asst.
Horticulture 523, Greenhouse Floriculture Production, 1984.
Guest Lecturer
Horticulture 150, Introduction to Horticulture, 1986 - 1988; Horticulture 201,
Horticulture Science, 1987.
Selected Academic Publications
Factors affecting the marketability of roses. 1980. T.L. Prince, J.L. Robertson,
and L.H. Chatfield. J. Amer. Hort. Sci.,105(3):388-393, May.
Marketing and postharvest management characteristics of the North American rose
industry. 1982. T.L. Prince and J.L. Robertson, HortScience, 17(4):558-561, Aug.
Segmenting the flowering plant industry by product mix, marketing season, and
channel of distribution. 1987. T.L. Prince, D.A. Schilling, J.G. Seeley, W.T. Rhodus,
and S.L. Born. ActaHort 203:205-212.
Regional differences in retail floral merchandising strategies. 1987. B.K. Behe,
T.L. Prince, W.T. Rhodus, and the late J.L. Robertson, ActaHort. 203:157-164.
An interactive greenhouse profitability model developed for micro-computers. 1987.
W.T. Rhodus, R.D. Taylor and T.L. Prince, ActaHort. 203:33-38.
"Production costs" in H.K. Tayama (ed.) Tips on growing potted perennials. 1989.
T. L. Prince.
Supplier services and their importance to floral retailers in the Midwestern United
States. 1990. T.L. Prince, H.K. Tayama, and J.R. Grabner, Jr., HortScience
25(3): 345-358.

Identification of developmental phases in poinsettia. 1990.  Y.S. Ali, H.K. Tayama, 

T.L. Prince, and S.A. Carver. J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci.115(5):728-731.


The relationship between maturity level and splitting in poinsettia. 1990.  Y.S. Ali, 

H.K. Tayama, T.L. Prince, and S.A. Carver.  HortScience, Vol. 25(12):1616-1618.

Description of florists' cognitive structure and perceived performance of supplier
services through second-order factor analysis. 1991. T.L. Prince, H.K. Tayama,
and J.R. Grabner, Jr., J. Amer. Hort. Sci. 116(1):161-165.

Rooted cutting establishment in media containing wetting agent. 1992.   Bhat, N.R., 

T. L. Prince, H. K. Tayama, and S. A. Carver.  HortScience, Vol. 27, No. 1. Jan.. p. 78.


( Author or co-author of more than 50 articles for the floral industry trade press. )
Special Projects
"P.A.S.T.E., Performance Analyzer for Selected Tomato Enterprises", Lotus 1-2-3
Template and Macro Program Development, Hienz-U.S.A., Apr., 1986.
"Greenhouse Profitability Micro Computer Model for the Piketon Agribusiness Park",
Lotus 123 Template and Macro Program Development, Pike County Development
and Energy Management Corp., 1986.
"Fresh Cut-Flower Grades & Standards in the 1990's, A Survey of Industry
Perceptions", Market Survey Development, Analysis, & Report for the Produce
Marketing Association (Floral Division) August, 1990.
Honors and Awards
Paul Ecke Award, Intercollegiate Floral Judging, 1978 National Champions,
Las Cruces, NM.

L.M. Ware Award, Best Collegiate Research Presentation, 1980, American Society

for Horticultural Science, Fort Collins, CO for "Factors affecting the marketability of roses."

President and Vice-President of Pi Alpha Xi, Epsilon Chapter, Horticulture
Honorary Fraternity, 1980-81.
Selected Conference Presentations
"Who's Stealing Your Business," Presentation on the changing floral distribution
channels. J. Robertson, co-presenter, 1983 Society of American Florists National
Convention, Seattle, WA, July, 1983.
"Power Training for the Floral Executive of Today & Tomorrow," M. Chy, A. Felly,
and G.L. Staby, co-presenters, PRO Institute, University of San Francisco, San
Francisco, CA. March 25, 1984.
"New Trends in Marketing," Presentation on market power and conflict in floral
distribution. Society of American Florists National Convention, Washington, DC,
July 25-28, 1984.
"What Does the Consumer Want? Sourcing, Distribution and Utilization of Floral
Crops", B. Mass, M. Miller, D. Weaver, and R. Yoder, co-presenters, PRO
Institute, St. Lucie, FL, Oct. 11-12, 1984.
"Knowing the Numbers Game," Financial management program for florists. 1985
Ohio Florists Short Course, Columbus OH, July, 1985.
"Say It With Flowers," Floral merchandising program for the Ohio Hospital
Association Gift Shop Expo '86, Columbus, OH, Sep. 25, 1986.
"Retail Florist Industry Growth in a Changing Economy," T.A. Prince co-presenter,
Central Ohio Regional FTD Meeting, Columbus, OH, Apr. 29, 1993.
"Mass-Market Floral Buying & Sourcing Practices - A North American Survey",
T.A. Prince, co-presenter, 1995 Ohio International Floral Short Course, Cincinnati,
OH, July 11, 1995.

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