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By Email:  2640939@gmail.com

By Telephone  Mobile: 614-264-0939

By Mail:  Prince & Prince, Inc.,  PO Box 2465,  Columbus, OH 43216-2465


If you have interest in our on-site seminar presentations,  please contact us by telephone or e-mail.   Let us know if your request is for a seminar given to a single company, or a multiple company co-sponsorship given at one location, and possible dates for the presentation.   We will then provide you additional information about our on-site seminar packages, availability, and seminar pricing information.


If you wish to order any of our seminar presentations on a flash drive,  we can take your flash drive order over the telephone.   All flash drive presentation orders are shipped via Priority Mail (2 to 3 days - - faster shipping is an additional charge).  International orders are shipped via Global Priority Mail (about 5 days - - faster shipping is an additional charge).   For members of the floral industry and qualified businesses, we invoice (end of month) for flash drive orders - - for all others, we request payment by check or money order when the flash drive order is placed.   For international orders, we accept wire transfers for payment - - contact us for details.


If you have interest in our customized marketing research for your business, please contact us by telephone, so that we can more fully discuss and assess your particular needs.



Prince & Prince, Inc.  PO Box 2465,  Columbus, OH  43216-2465 

Mobile: 614-264-0939    Email: 2640939@gmail.com

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