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  Trends in Mass-Market Floral Buying, Operations, and

     Floral Sourcing  (2016 Edition)       


This P&P Market Research Received Collaboration and Financial Support from the 

Produce Marketing Association (PMA) and the Food Marketing Institute (FMI).

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A Comprehensive Survey of Mass-Market Floral Buyers Throughout the U.S. (Buyers for Corporate Chains And Mass Merchants)

Surveys Fielded in the Late Fall/ Winter of 2015, with Reporting Completed in Fall of 2016.

Identifies the Size, Scope & Structure of the Mass-Market Floral Industry in the U.S.

Surveys Key Business, Financial, and Operational Metrics of Floral Mass Market Operations (Chain Supermarkets, Independent Supermarkets, Grocery/Service Wholesalers, and Other Mass Merchants.).

Assesses Floral Sales of Key Categories, Sq.Ft. Allocations to Floral, and Floral Sales Growth Percentage.

Identifies Key Floral Economic Metrics (Gross Margins, Labor Costs, Floral Shrink, and Contribution Percentages).

Assesses the Floral Product Mix (Fresh Flowers, Potted Plants, Gift/Food Baskets, Non-Perishables, & Trends).

Identifies the Form of Fresh Cut-Flowers (Bouquets, Bunches, Arrangements, Roses) and Form Trends.

Identifies the Potted Plant Mix (Flowering Plants, Foliage Plants, Bedding Plants/ Perennials) and Mix Trends.

Reveals Floral Mass-Market Sales Modes (In-Store Sales, Website/ Internet Sales) and Mode Trends.

Profiles the Type of Floral Sales (Impulse Sales, Wedding Sales, Holiday Sales, Sympathy Sales) and Trends.

Identifies Buyer’s Floral Sourcing for Bouquets, Fresh Cut Flowers, and Potted Plants, and Sourcing Trends.

Tracks Trends in Mass-Market Floral Operations, Operational Emphasis, and Operational Trends.

Tracks Floral Service Levels (Percent of Stores Full, Limited, & Self-Service) and Service Level Trends.

Identifies Buyer Priorities for Floral Vendor Offerings and Services, and Priority Trends.

Identifies Long-Term Trends by Tracking Selected Metrics from P&P’s 2003 Buyer Survey.

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